Vacation Rental Email Marketing Campaigns

Simple, customizable email campaigns for homeowners and property managers who want to increase their vacation rental revenue.  In addition to being a full-service vacation rental booking agency where we assume responsibility for the entire booking process, Aspiring Vacation Rentals also provides a turnkey email marketing service.  The goal is clear – more revenue.

Our solution is perfect for homeowners and property managers who want to launch a professional, promotional-driven, email marketing campaign but who lack the skills or tools to do so.

More Revenue for Vacation Rentals

With this turnkey email marketing service you can:

  1. Turn lost inquiries into bookings by actively marketing to them
  2. Increase past guest return rates with creative newsletters and value-added incentives
  3. Create time-sensitive offers to increase short-term bookings
  4. Send thank you cards via email or mail postcards
  5. Grow your social media reach with epostcards introducing your Facebook page


Homeaway, VRBO and Flipkey hold invaluable lead information that can be vetted for permission, then exported and turned into bookable revenue.  Aspiring provides straightforward customizable email templates and clear instructions on how to upload your email lists.  After you book just one night from this email marketing campaign, it has paid for itself.


Included in your annual subscription are detailed descriptions of who to target, what type of message to send, how often to send emails, what the message is and what your goal should.

1. Refer a Friend Promotions

2. Past Guest Return Stay offer.

3. Book by Incentives

4. Complimentary Nights

5. Holiday Cards

6. Upcoming local events

7. Mid Week Specials

8. Like us on Facebook offers

9. Extra your Stay promotions

10. Targeted Cancellation Offers

Recent Case Study

Aspiring email campaign helped address short term availability holes our client.  After discussions with CEO, Paul Riddolls, here were the promotional offers that successfully drove business:

1) 4th Night Free – Goal: short term bookings from past inquiries who wanted June/July dates

2) Book by June 30th – 7th Night Free – Goal: create an incentive for past inquiries to book

3) Mid Week Bookings – Free Private Chef Experience – Goal:  Fill Sunday to Thursday holes

 How this service works?

  • Walks you through how to upload your email list
  • Provide you with hundreds of email templates to choose from – which means the graphics and layout are all there – you just drop your information into it
  • Allows you to communicate with many potential guests all at one time, but in a personalized, professional way


 Which program should i choose?

The annual subscription is preferred by homeowners who want to generate maximum revenue with multiple short term promotions, newsletters, and holiday cards.

The campaign subscription is for homeowners who are generally happy with their revenue but want to fill some off-season gaps and communicate with past guests with a semi-annual newsletter.

Annual Subscription – $100 per year plus 2 cents per email

Includes a 30-minute consultation with Aspiring’s CEO, Paul Riddolls ($50 value), who as the former Director of Revenue Management with Pebble Beach Resorts, led many successful email marketing campaigns.  During your consultation, Paul will clarify your email objectives, identify slow occupancy periods that need help and walk you through the entire campaign process.

Aspiring’s Value Proposition – Based on a 400 person list and one email per month, your total annual cost is $196.  For most homeowners, one room night covers the total cost.


Log in for your free one week trial and send up to 10 emails.  Try out one of the 750 templates and 75,000 free photos that are included with your program.

Campaign Based – $25 per campaign plus 2 cents per email

Additional Services

Aspiring’s core services are designed for the homeowners to be self sufficient.  We partner with an industry leading email service provider who provides significant how-to resources.  The system is simple and most clients do it all themselves.  However, if you want to grow your revenue but need to some help, we are here.

Campaign list loading – $25 per campaign

Campaign analysis – $25 per campaign

Email concept & creative consulting – $50 per campaign

Pay for your services

$100 for Annual subscription or $25 per campaign.  Next, you need to buy email credits (one email = one credit).  You will need to determine how many emails you want to send.   Most homeowners start with 1,000 email credits which cost $20. You won’t regret filling in off-season holes with short term promotional emails.


ASPIRING BONUS – Book your Annual Subscription and receive a Revenue Consultation with our CEO (ex. Director of Revenue Management for America’s Number 1 Golf Resort, Pebble Beach).  Contact Paul Riddolls to schedule your 30-minute revenue review.

Other Sample Templates (over 700 to choose from and customize to your home)

Booking Promotion 

Booking Promotion 2


Happy Holidays ecard

Facebook Announcement

Recommended Email Marketing Frequency

Short Term Offers – 1-2 times per month

Your guests won’t want to hear from you unless you have a new, creative message every two weeks to a month.  Any more than twice a month and you risk your guest unsubscribing.

Newsletter – 2-3 times per year

Aspiring recommends sending guests a “brand” email with no specific offer twice a year.  This will keep your property at the top of their mind and remind them of the great vacation they had at your home.

Technical Support

Unlimited technical support from our industry leading email provider including over 50 short video tutorials that are incredibly helpful.  Here are just two tips for grow your business.