Travel Insurance Referral Program

A simple, travel insurance referral program for homeowners and property managers who want to increase their vacation rental revenue and protect their deposits.

Earn Commission for Referring Vacation Rentals Guests to Aspiring

With this turnkey travel insurance solution you can:

  1. Earn Commissions for all guests who book insurance through Aspiring Vacation Rentals
  2. Protect your deposits and eliminate “guilt refunds” because guests are covered by travel insurance
  3. No selling, no paperwork.  Basically, no downside, all upside

How this service works?

  • Homeowner signs up with Aspiring Vacation Rentals
  • Homeowner either refers guest to branded website to book travel insurance or sends Aspiring guest information to allow Aspiring’s professional sales staff sell to the guest.  Stats have shown that allowing Aspiring to proactively control the sales process leads to more commission for the homeowner.
  • After the guest pays Aspiring for the travel insurance, Aspiring will issue a commission check to the homeowner.

Commission Structure

  • Rental Guardian charges a standard 7% of the total insured value
  • Rental Guardian keeps 60% of the premium, Aspiring and Homeowner split the remainder (50/50)

Information on Rental Guardian Coverage

Background on Rental Guardian

Brochure on Travel Insurance Coverage

Description of Coverage

One Sheet Coverage Summary

To Sign Up – Call Paul Riddolls at 831.293.4496 or email.

Start Earning Commissions Today!  We can sell to guests who are already booked but haven’t made their final non-refundable payment.